Animated Video Services: Experience Success through Video Animation 

animated video services

Animated Video Services: Experience Success through Video Animation 

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We have all grown to this magnificent age where most of the advancements have taken place. We can’t imagine our childhood without Tom chasing Jerry for god knows the reason and poo after the honey. The memory we hold dear today was possible with simple drawing on paper which was backed by the greatest minds of all time. Animation has helped us live through our darkest of times to the joyous ride and who knew animated video services would change how we would view the whole entertainment medium? 

With the development of modern computing, the animation industry couldn’t be untouched. Animation evolved and diversified taking various forms and shapes. Traditional handwritten classic animation is still one of our favorites. The addition of sound to the motion added a new dimension to animation and is what we today know as Video Animation. The digital transformation of animation led us to 3D animation opening a new era of cinematic brilliance. CGI gave us the unthinkable possibilities that could merely be dreamt of. 

But today, entertainment is a small word for animation, which is far beyond and powerful. Who would have thought that the simple animation drawing would carve a new dimension in modern communication?

What are video animation services?

Video animation services refer to the art of skilled animators and creative professionals to script and develop the cinematic video experience which provides details of the message that the artist is trying to present to their viewers. The video animation services involve the combination of different animation techniques, software, and artistic experience to bring the still images in motion. 

Today, video animation services have been an efficient and effective medium of brand awareness to their end consumers. Any virtual yet realistic character design is possible through video animation services and believe it or not it’s quite affordable too. These are the main reasons for animation is so widely used in any industry. 

Big brands have been utilizing animated video services to enhance their marketing strategy, training, and educational content. When have you seen Apple releasing its latest iPhones without the animated video running in the background, or did either Google or Samsung miss the opportunity to use animation to mock Apple? Every company uses animated videos to promote their product or services, explain the complex product’s working process and those compelling advertisements that forever resonate in our brains.

Educational and e-learning platforms are leveraging animated video services to the next level. Research has proven that learners understand challenging topics and memorize the information effectively. 

According to Hubspot, “ 87% of the video marketers say that video has increased their traffic to their website”. Video animation services play a major role in today’s communication, helping brands and content creators connect to their audience with great video content. 

Types  of Animated Video Services

Animated video services are a very dynamic domain. Here creativity matters the most and the skills behind the stage who put tedious efforts to breathe life into still images can’t also be neglected. The cinematic experience after this combo is something we enjoy a lot. Each animated video service requires a unique artistic approach and different technology to craft the story. The power of animation can only be fully achieved if they are delivered with the use of proper animation techniques. The different types of animated video services are listed below:

  • 2D Animation Video Services:

2D animation is a timeless and versatile technique delivering only two dimensions of space. Characters,  scenes, and backgrounds are marvelously delivered utilizing the 2D space with a simplistic visual narrative. In 2D animations, the focus lies on creating the illusion of movement through individual drawings known as frames, which are arranged in rapid succession to create the illusion of motion.

  • 3D Animation Video Services:

The full form of 3D animation is Three-dimensional animation dealing with 3 dimensions of space. 3D animated video is a technique of creating captivating and immersive techniques that make characters more dynamic. It adds depth and texture to the subject enabling a sense of presence. In 3D animation video services, we simulate real-world physics mimicking the laws of gravity, momentum, and other natural forces.

  • Motion Graphic Video Services:

Motion graphics is an animated video service that uses a dynamic form of visual communication that utilizes the graphics elements. The static graphics are brought to life through seamless transitions, kinetic typography, and other motion effects. 

  • Whiteboard Animation Video Services:

Whiteboard animation services are an engaging method of visual storytelling, reminiscent of an artist’s hand sketches on a whiteboard. This concept brings ideas, narratives, and information through a series of drawings and animations. They are renowned and used for simplicity, accessibility, and ability to clarify complex topics in an approachable manner.

  • Explainer Animation Video Services: 

These are generally a video explaining something be it a product or service. They are short and engaging videos that help end users understand things or processes quickly. They use simple visuals and narration to explain the ideas. They act as friendly guides that help you navigate the possibilities.

  • Architectural Animation Video Services:

The animated video services help the creator to visually represent complex architectural design concepts using various animation techniques. The goal here is to convey the design intent, spatial layout, and aesthetic features of the project.

And many more…..

Benefits  of Animated Video Services

Animation is the modern means of proper communication between brands and end consumers. Animated video services offer a multitude of benefits over traditional video-making processes. Education, communication, marketing health, and many other domains are using animated video services predominantly due to the following benefits:

  • Visual engagement: 

Animated videos are made up of compositions of different fundamental concepts and elements to capture the details. The vibrant colors, dynamic visuals, and creative animation transitions make the video more informative and interesting. 

  • Efficient communication:

We have all faced a great deal of difficulty when delivering our ideas and processes to others. Through animated video services, the way we deliver information is simplified and thus can be presented in a clear and understandable approach.

  • Storytelling: 

Animated Video services have redefined the storytelling approach. Animation has been the modern way of telling and seeing stories. The characters and scripts can be alive with the help of animation evoking emotions, twists, and memorable narratives.

  • Brand Identity: 

Brands seems to have implemented the animated videos to a whole new level incorporating brand elements like logo, brand color, brand concepts, and many more. It is found that the use of video animation services has made the brand significantly recognizable.

  • Retention: 

Visuals, motions, and sound in animated videos have magnificently captured the attention of the viewers hence viewer retention is achieved with brand recall.

  • Cost-effective: 

The production cost of the videos has gone significantly down whereas the quality and contextual possibilities have skyrocketed all thanks to animation. Now it’s a lot easier, quicker, and cheaper to produce new video content with animations.

Process of Video Animation Services:

The final product is all that matters. The whole effort kept on the table with all the rigorous meetings, teamwork, and planning will all go in vain if the right process for building any product is not efficient. There have been numerous examples of project drops due to the lack of resources and manpower to run the project. The same is true for animation and video animation services. Despite the simple final video, the process that involves in between is rather complicated. We here at Pinnacle Animations fuse the interconnected steps and accumulate them into dynamic and stunning visual content. Here’s the breakdown of Pinnacle Animation’s animated video services:

  1. Concept Planning: 

The whole process starts with idea generation where we clearly understand the requirements and try to develop a rough concept of the whole project. Then our experts sit around and brainstorm the best possible techniques to achieve the final product along with script development. We try to sequence the whole script see what the story demands and craft the perfect fit between the story and script. Scenes are sketched thus giving the rough ideas of how our animations will unfold.

  1. Pre-production: 

Here we design and create assets that are necessary throughout the project. Characters, background, and other visual elements are developed and graphics assets are prepared. The necessary sound effects along with professional voices are also recorded and narrated. Sound effects and music choices are made in this stage.

  1. Animation:

The story acts as the guide to arrange the scenes and determine the timing of each action. Key poses and movements of each character and object are decided and this establishes the foundation of the animation. 

Additional necessary frames are added which ensures smooth fluid-like transitions giving life to the animation. Virtual camera movements are also manipulated to create dynamic camera take angles, and zooms.

  1. Rendering:

The rendered frames are placed together, adding visual effects, color correction, and other necessary improvements along with audio integration giving that crisp and audio-rich experience. The final frame sequences are edited together, refining time and transitions.

  1. Final outputs: 

The final output is then exported into a video file format. Different formatting may be necessary as per the device requirements. The entire animation is reviewed for any errors, discrepancies, and issues that are to be fixed before the final release. This process involves client approval as well.

Top trends in Animated Video Services:

The animation industry has seen a lot of breakthroughs, and the development of technology has certainly impacted animated video services as well. In this evolving and changing world, businesses and other people are using video content as an efficient communication medium.

 The animation trends are something worth taking the track. Today animation trends use the combination of two concepts. This new method has created an innovative approach to illustrating stories in video animation.

Combining 2D and 3D animation has been the recent trend in both small-scale and large-scale industries. This mixture of 2D and 3D videos has been proven to be beneficial in creating brand marketing and explainer videos. The technicality here is 2D animation that overlaps and addition of stop motion with the combo of 2D and 3D animation.

Thinline animation is another trend started by Disney. The general practice is the use of simple lines to make the figures and shapes in the entire video animation. Morphing and liquid motion are other ways to make video animation smooth. The transformation in size and shape is relatively easy, it can take an object and deploy the outline of its body. Theme color selection is another popular video animation practice. It allows flexibility with color as the practice isn’t limited to a few colors, it also combines the liquid motion that leads to a smooth fluid transition. 

Animated videos are being adopted for VR and AR platforms, which unfolds the impressive experience. Content consumption is being changed and the evolution of tech giants like Meta’s metaverse has ignited endless possibilities for animators along with new animation video services trends.

Case Studies: Successful Video Animation Campaigns:

We will see a few case studies that will help us understand how big brands are using animated video services to capture their market and how well-regulated their strategies have been to convey their brand message.

  1. $48,000,000 Dropbox animated Video: Dropbox collaborated with an animation studio to create an animated explainer video. The minimal design art style, friendly character, and easy narration helped me understand the Dropbox working mechanism.
  2. Coca-Cola Happiness Factory: Coca-Cola too partnered with the best animation agency to create the happiness factory campaign where a series of animated shorts portraying a whimsical world inside a vending machine where Coca-Cola is produced. 
  3. Airbnb Wall and Chain: The whole concept of Airbnb in this campaign was to combine 2D and 3D to tell a story of a wall transforming into a door opening new and endless possibilities with Airbnb. 
  4. Spotify Year in Music: Spotify utilized animated video services to create a personalized year in music campaign. The users received customized videos showcasing their most listened-to songs, artists, and genres of the year.

Why do they Succeed? Stunning Visual Aesthetics, Personalization, Emotional resonance, social sharing, Brand Association, and Authenticity are some of the key elements that helped these campaigns succeed.

Shape of Animated Video Services in the Future

As there is no stopping technological advancement, the future of animated video services seems to be thriving. The captivating, personalized, and immersive experience with iteration to technology will shift with positive progression. As we look ahead the following may be the possibilities:

Massive personalization:  Due to the rapid growth in AI and data science, the era of hyper-personalization is near. Vetted content for specific audiences is something we have already experienced but the leap of hyper-personalization will be greater with the help of AI.

Immersive Experience: Virtual and Augmented reality are sure to play a pivotal role in content platforms. Audiences are to interact with characters and explore the animated worlds.

Real-time animation: Real-time rendering technologies are a thing now, the production of animated videos could be more dynamic and real-time. This could lead to agile content creation, enabling brands to react and influence the trends in real time.

AI-Generated Animation: The advancement of AI in every domain can’t be neglected. In animation too AI is creating and unleashing endless possibilities. However, there will be a gap in how personalization and tailored scripts are carried out by professionals and the animations that will be carried out by animation AI.

There’s no stopping the technology, but all that is offered isn’t always in our best interest hence, adopting the best technology along with the process which delivers us the perfect product should be acknowledged.

How to choose the best animated video service agency?

This could be quite tricky for some, as finding the best from the pool is a talent. You go through lots of vetting processes but still, you end up with the average solution provider is annoying. 

Perfection delivered on time is what counts hence you need to see the portfolios and the clients they have been working with. Check out their recent works will give you a comprehensive idea of the depth and skill of the agency or any freelancers you are seeking to work with. When it comes to those extras, experience always rescues you. You must see for how long they have been working in the industry and providing professional support. These details can be verified by reviews and testimonials.

 Budget is another important aspect you should consider before hiring an animated video service provider or agency. The cost should be reliable and should justify the work they will deliver. 

How good the animation will look is largely dependent on the technology and tools animators use hence checking or simply enquiring about the technology and tools will help you.

Pinnacle Animations has been delivering excellent animated video services on a global scale. Our expert animation team is sure to deliver you magnificent results. Storytelling is the core of animation and our animation isn’t just visual transition but carefully crafted storytelling. You will enjoy the seamless collaboration as we understand your vision and offer our expertise to achieve your animation on a full scale. We know how important time is hence we deliver our projects on time.

In a world where attention spans are reducing, animated video services are new ways of brand communication. Animation not only simplifies complex concepts but also invokes the emotions of your audience through a storytelling approach. Animated video services are sure to serve even more scopes to brands with technology, personalized experience, and creativity that will unfold the vast possibilities globally. 

Whether you are a brand or a person seeking to leave lasting impressions by telling a story, animated videos are the best choices you can make and help establish your brand in the global arena and make a leap.

FAQs on Animated Video Services:

  1. What are animated video Services?

Animated Video services involve the process of creation of visual content with the help of modern technology and tools. The concept is to bring still images to motion.

  1. What types of animations are commonly used in video animation services?

2D, 3D animation, motion graphics, VFX, explainer videos, and whiteboard animation are some of the commonly used animation types in video animation services.

  1. How can animated video services help your business?

Animated video services have been proven to enhance brand awareness, and simplify advanced and complex concepts into simple animated videos. This simplistic approach helps clear brand communication.

  1. How long does it take to create an animated video?

Depending on the project’s complexity and length of animation video the time and cost vary. However, with regular communication and efforts, we are committed to finishing the project on deadline.

  1. How much does it cost to acquire the animated video services from Pinnacle Animations?

At Pinnacle Animations, you can acquire animated video services as low as $199.


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